Tableau Training in Pune

                  Tableau Training In Pune

The Tableau Training In Pune at ETLhive ensures an in-depth understanding of the Tableau Desktop Skills, whereby you will gain a meaningful insight into Data Visualization, conditional formatting, scripting, and organising and simplifying data. Further, the course throws light on Tableau Statistics, and provides hands-on training about how to create the most comprehensive and interactive dashboards. After undergoing extensive training at ETLhive, you will be able to master Tableau mapping concepts such as radical selections and custom geocoding; and varied charts such as waterfall, pareto, gantt, sparkline, boxplots, and market basket analysis. As a matter of fact, with a steep rise in the number of Tableau customers, there occurs an increased demand of Tableau experts across the globe. Seize the opportunity and become a Tableau expert - gain expertise and stand tall in the field of business intelligence competing enthusiastically against the latest global trends. Taking into consideration the ever-rising demand of tabeau experts, ETLhive has specifically designed its Tableau Training Course in such a way so as to make you undergo the best of training in Tableau, so that you are able to understand the need for visualization, gain command over the Tableau skill-set, and create meaningful, convincing, and highly interactive visions and dashboards.

Intended Audience

This course is ideal for individuals interested in building their careers in the profiles such as Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Statisticians and Analysts, IT developers & testers, and Project Managers. Professionals who work with ETL/BI Tools, who do MIS Reporting, and those who deal in Statistics or Data Science are the key beneficiaries of this course.


There are no technical prerequisites as such. However, knowledge of SQL would be beneficial.



  • What is Data Visualization?
  • Scope of Data Visualization
  • Tableau and its uses
  • Scenario and Objectives
  • Installation and Application
  • Features and Architecture of Tableau
  • Terminology and Definitions
  • Tableau Work Space
  • Files and Folders



Visualization Design and Data Types

  • Defining Data
  • Terminology of Data
  • Types of Data
  • Data Roles
  • Dimension vs Measure
  • Continuous vs Discrete
  • Exporting Data
  • Connecting Sheets
  • Tableau Visualization Engine


Tableau and Data Connections

  • Understanding Data Connections

  • How to connect to Tableau Data Server?

  • Data Connections: Joining and Blending

  • Defining a Join

  • Various Kinds of Join

  • Usage of Join

  • Right Outer Join

  • Custom SQL Enabled

  • Data Blending and Tableau

  • Usage of Data Blending

  • Data Blending in Tableau

  • What is Kerberos Authentication

  • Working of Kerberos Authentication



Data Organization

  • Need to Organize Data
  • How to Organize and Simplify Data
  • What is Filtering
  • How to Apply a Filter to a View?
  • Filtering on Dimensions
  • Totals and Sub totals
  • Aggregating Measures
  • Data Spotlighting
  • Summary Card
  • String Functions and Logical Functions
  • What is Sorting
  • How to Sort Data in Tableau
  • Types of Sorting
  • Combined Fields
  • Group and Aliases
  • Hierarchies
  • Sets
  • Tableau Bins
  • Fixed Size and Variable Sized Bins
  • Drilling
  • Drilling Methods
  • Aggregations



Formatting and Annotations

  • Understanding Formatting and Annotations
  • What is Spatial Analysis
  • What is built-in Geocoding
  • What is Custom Geocoding
  • How to add Caption to Views?
  • Adding Tooltips to Views
  • Using Title Caption and Tooltip
  • Formatting the Axes
  • Edit Axis Option
  • Formatting Window
  • How to Format Mark Labels?



Chart Types

  • Objectives of Chart Types
  • How to Use Dual Charts
  • What is Dual Axis?
  • Using Combination Charts
  • How to Use Gantt Charts for Activity Tracking
  • Using Motion Charts
  • What are Box and Whisker Plots
  • Using Reference Lines and Reference Bands
  • What is Pareto Analysis
  • What are Water Fall Charts
  • How and What of Market Basket Analysis





  • Objectives of Calculations
  • Strings Date Logical Calculation
  • Arithmetic Calculations
  • Aggregation Options
  • Grand Totals and Sub-Totals
  • Quick Table Calculations
  • Custom Table Calculations
  • Ad-hoc Analytics
  • LOD Calculations
  • Parallel Period
  • Moving Averages
  • Running totals
  • Window Averages
  • Trend Lines
  • Predictive Models



Parameters, Mapping, and Locations

  • What is a Parameter
  • How to create a Parameter
  • Parameter Controls
  • What is Mapping
  • Modifying Locations within Tableau
  • Importing and Modifying Custom Geocoding
  • Background Image
  • Exploring Geographic Search
  • Pan Zoom Lasso and Radial Selection



Dashboards and Work Sharing

  • What is a Dashboard?
  • How to build Dashboards
  • How to build Interactive Dashboards
  • What are Action Filters?
  • How to create Story Boards
  • Best Practices to create Dashboards
  • Cover Pages
  • Annotations
  • Tool Tips and keyboard short cuts
  • Sharing work
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Reader
  • Tableau Public






Coures Features


One Stop Solution!

   Ability to attend missed sessions

    Complete documentation

   Resume preparation

   Certification preparation.

   Interview preparation

   Placement assistance

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Tableau Training in Pune

For the best Tableau training in Pune, opt for ETLhive training institute which is nonetheless the best and the most-referred training institute across the city. The tableau training course at ETLhive is a comprehensive course on today’s most significant skill of creating interactive dashboards and data visualization. The training sessions include elaborate lectures and practical hands-on sessions on Tableau concepts such as radical selections and custom geocoding; varied charts such as waterfall, pareto, gantt, sparkline, boxplots, and market basket analysis. Individuals who have some experience in MIS Reporting, Statistics, or Data Science must undertake this course. Further, this course can be equally beneficial for individuals aspiring to become successful data scientists, business analysts, statisticians, IT developers and testers, and project managers.

As such, the tableau market is growing day by day and it is likely that the number of jobs will increase manifold. This is the reason why ETLhive has designed its Tableau course the way it is – effective and comprehensive. The training otherwise consists of three distinct phases which will mark your journey from being unskilled to skilled. The pre-training sessions will introduce you to the market scenarios and the latest job trends and the post-training sessions will provide extensive training on interview preparation and resume preparation. During these sessions the trainers provide extensive knowledge on the latest developments so that you are able to handle every single question in an interview. Further, it is always best to learn new technologies and upgrade your skills in order to make maximum of the opportunities that come your way. In consonance, ETLhive delivers the best training sessions on Tableau! Learn and excel with ETLhive!

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