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 DevOps Training In Pune

Devops Training In Pune A portmanteau of “Development” and “Operations,” DevOps is a set of effective principles which promises a number of technical and business benefits, making it one of the most significant training programmes. As such, DevOps consists of CAMS, the acronym that stands for Culture, Automation, Measurement, and Sharing. DevOps has emerged as an innovative solution that integrates Software Development and IT Operations in a synchronised way. The DevOps training course at ETLhive focuses on the above said features of DevOps and also throws light on other allied issues such as the conflict between Dev and Ops and the proven solutions. Further, the training course in DevOps at ETLhive also discusses about how DevOps functions to provide software delivery and simultaneous delivery of other features, how to resolve problems specific to DevOps, and how Dev and Ops function together to bring about other technical and business benefits.

Intended Audience

The course is ideal for all those individuals who aspire to become DevOps Engineers, Software Developers and Architects. Knowledge of DevOps will be beneficial to Project Managers, Testing Professionals, Consultants, and Internal and External Suppliers, who deal in designing and improvement processes.


There are no technical prerequisites for DevOps. However, basic understanding of Linux and Networking will be beneficial.



Introduction to DevOps-

1.Create instance on Cloud 2. Network concepts,Linux installations 3. EC2 instance in AWS

  • What is DevOps?
  • Why DevOps is needed?
  • An Insight into DevOps Roles
  • The Different Perspectives of Dev and Ops
  • Conflictual State in DevOps and its Solution
  • What is DevOps Transition?
  • Various Cultural Impediments
  • Infrastructure Layouts
  • Infrastructure Challenges
  • Understanding Scalability
  • Understanding Availability
  • Defining Networking Concepts
  • Discuss about SDLC methodologies and Release Management.
  • Discuss Live Projects in details, gather the requirements.
  • Create a deployment strategy, deployments, security and structure.
  • Create instance on cloud step-by-step and discuss about Linux structure.
  • hands on Linux command and understanding of Bash shell scripting.
  • Discuss about network concepts, Linux installations on Host/Guest VMs.
  • Create EC2 instance in AWS.
  • Installation of web Application and Database server.




Infrastructure Configuration and Optimization-

1.SCM (GIT and SVN) 2.VCS,CVCS,DVCS 3.Ant and Maven 4. Apache Tomcat 5. Apache web server

  • Discuss in detail about SCM (GIT and SVN) and deep understanding of various source control filesystems like VCS, CVCS, DVCS.
  • Explore GIT commands, Branch merge, resolve conflicts, Rebase, history and GIT logs.
  • Deep understanding of Ant and Maven Build Tools.
  • Generate a target WAR/JAR using MAVEN.
  • Installation and setup of a database MySQL or Oracle, create database user, grant permissions etc.
  • Deep understanding and installation of Apache Tomcat and Apache Web server.
  • Manual Deployment vs Automated Deployments.


  • Installation and configuration of Jenkins and Jenkins plugins.
  • Introduction of Jenkins, Configure and discuss Jenkins Jobs.
  • Learn Build steps, Post-Build Actions, Secure Jenkins, Notifications.
  • Learn more about Advanced build jobs, Maintain Jenkins, Automated Unit and Integration in Jenkins.
  • Discuss the challenges, any issues or live system scenarios





  • Installation and configuration of Ansible.
  • Discuss ansible, Ansible-playbooks, Ansible command line.
  • Learn Ansible Lists, Dictionaries, Tasks, Groups, Variables and Modules.
  • Learn more about Ansible Facts, Roles, Templates
  • Ansible playbooks for Custom Scripts (Shell or Python).
  • Identify the need and live scenarios and discuss in more details.

Puppet Training Syllabus in Pune

  • Installation and configuration of Puppet.
  • Discuss puppet, puppet language, puppet manifest.
  • Learn about Puppet Manifest Syntax, Variables, Scope, Conditional Statements.
  • Learn more about Resource Types, Classes, Modules and Nodes.
  • Puppet Manifest for Custom Scripts (Shell or Python).
  • Identify the need and live scenarios and discuss in more details



Docker training Syllabus in Pune

  • Installation and configuration of Docker.
  • Discuss in detail about Docker, Docker containers, Docker Images, Docker file.
  • Create a Custom Docker Images, Run the Docker Containers, Debug Containers.
  • Explore in advanced design a production container for build and release.
  • Continuous integration with Jenkins Pipeline.

Configuration Management

  • Configuration Management Docker with Ansible.
  • Continues Delivery Pipeline Docker with Jenkins.


  • Online Test
  • Documentation
  • Resume Feedback
  • Interview preparation


Course Features



One Stop Solution!

   Ability to attend missed sessions

    Complete documentation

   Resume preparation

   Certification preparation.

   Interview preparation

   Placement assistance




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ETLhive is acclaimed the best training institute that provides the most effective DevOps Training in Pune. DevOps is gradually gaining popularity because of its ability to produce technical and business benefits to large number of business houses. DevOps training course at ETLhive is a full-fledged course that explains all the major concepts related to DevOps and about how such concepts are used in the industry. This course is designed specifically for individuals who wish to establish a strong and steady career as DevOps Engineers, Software Developers, and Architects. Even the individuals engaged in designing and improvement processes can opt for DevOps Training Course. Project Managers, Testing Professionals, Consultants, Internal and External Suppliers can derive lots of benefits after this training. These benefits can be in terms of income, salaries, and job opportunities.The training sessions at ETLhive are strategically designed and divided into three phases: Pre-training, Training, and Post-training sessions. The pre-training sessions provide insight into the scope of technology while the post-training sessions prepare you for the interview rounds. In the post-training session, the trainers provide extensive question/answers on DevOps and also make you work on your resume and presentation skills. This elaborate session instills confidence in you and you will have hands-on expertise on the practical application of DevOps and its allied concepts. During the training sessions focus is always on delivering practical hands-on training on DevOps Infrastructure, Configuration, Optimization, Tuning Concepts, Testing, Management, Deployment, Monitoring and Learning in DevOps. Getting trained in DevOps will surely be the smartest move in your career. This training will bring along with it a number of opportunities that will help you develop a shining and promising career!

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