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veritas cluster server

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  High Availability Concepts

  • High availability concepts
  • Clustering concepts
  • HA application services
  • Clustering prerequisites
  • High availability references

  VCS Building Blocks

  • VCS terminology
  • Cluster communication
  • VCS architecture



Preparing a Site for VCS Implementation


  • Hardware requirements and recommendations
  • Software requirements and recommendations
  • Preparing installation information
  • Preparing to upgrade

Installing VCS

  • Using the Common Product Installer
  • VCS configuration files
  • Viewing the default VCS configuration
  • Other installation considerations

 VCS Operations


  • Common VCS tools and operations
  • Service group operations
  • Resource operations
  • Using the VCS Simulator 

 VCS Configuration Methods


  • Starting and stopping VCS
  • Overview of configuration methods
  • Online configuration
  • Offline configuration
  • Controlling access to VCS

Preparing Services for High Availability


  • Preparing applications for VCS
  • Performing one-time configuration tasks
  • Testing the application service
  • Stopping and migrating an application service
  • Collecting configuration information

Online Configuration


  • Online service group configuration
  • Adding resources
  • Solving common configuration errors
  • Testing the service group

 Offline Configuration


  • Offline configuration procedures
  • Solving offline configuration problems
  • Testing the service group

 Configuring Notification

  • Notification overview
  • Configuring notification
  • Using triggers for notification

 Handling Resource Faults

  • VCS response to resource faults
  • Determining failover duration
  • Controlling fault behavior
  • Recovering from resource faults
  • Fault notification and event handling

 Cluster Communications

  • VCS communications review
  • Cluster membership
  • Cluster interconnect configuration
  • Joining the cluster membership
  • Changing the interconnect configuration

 System and Communication Faults

  • Ensuring data integrity
  • Cluster interconnect failures

 I/O Fencing

  • Data protection requirements
  • I/O fencing concepts and components
  • I/O fencing operations
  • I/O fencing implementation
  • Configuring I/O fencing
  • Coordination point server 


  • Monitoring VCS
  • Troubleshooting VCS
  • Archiving VCS-related files 



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Veritas Cluster Server training in Pune

The Veritas Cluster Server or VCS is high-availability cluster software which is created by Veritas Technologies. The software provides application cluster capabilities to the system running other applications along with network file sharing, electronic commerce websites, database, etc. This software is especially designed for Unix, Linux, and Microsoft Windows computer system. The Veritas Cluster Server course at ETLHive is designed for the IT professional to effectively manage and maintain a server deployment. This Veritas Cluster course will equip you with core skills to install, configure, administer, maintain and troubleshoot a Veritas Cluster Server 6.0. Cluster Server offers an efficient solution for detection of risks and automates application recovery for its high availability.

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