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Enterprise Architecture has established itself as an integral constituent of the IT sector. Enterprise Architecture is valued since it optimizes IT expenditure, rerouting money for effective strategic IT systems thereby paving way for better investments. Togaf training in pune at Etlhive will make way for excellent possibilities for learning various concepts of TOGAF such as Architecture Development Method (ADM), Enterprise Continuum, Architecture Repository, Architecture Governance, Architecture Views, Viewpoints, Stakeholders, and Architecture Building Blocks. With TOGAF training you will be able to have a remarkable career in the field of Enterprise Architecture that forms the backbone of every EA Consultancy, MNCs employing EA Practices, and other sectors such as banks, retail, and manufacturing sector.


TOGAF -Syllabus

  • Objectives and Agenda of TOGAF Management
  • Open Group and Vision of the Open Group
  • Mission of the Open Group
  • Different Work Areas of the Open Group
  • Members and their coordination
  • Customership
  • What is the Open Group Scorecard?
  • Architecture Forum
  • Architecture Types
  • Stakeholders
  • Values
  • Enterprise
  • TOGAF: Origins
  • TOGAF: Scope
  • TOGAF: Goals
  • TOGAF: Development
  • TOGAF: Components
  • Phases
  • Phase A: Architecture Vision
  • Phase B: Business Architecture
  • Phase C: Information Systems Architecture
  • Phase D: Technology Architecture
  • Phase E: Solutions and Opportunities
  • Phase F: Migration
  • Phase G: Implementation
  • Phase G: Implementation
  • Studying TOGAF Components
  • What is a Roadmap?
  • Defining ADM – Architecture Development Method
  • ADM: Techniques
  • ADM: Guidelines
  • Iteration and ADM
  • ADM and Architecture Landscape
  • Architecture: Content Framework
  • Architecture: Artifacts
  • Architecture: Building Blocks
  • Architecture: Capability Framework
  • Architecture: Operational Entity
  • Defining the Enterprise Continuum
  • Studying Architecture Repository
  • An Insight into TOGAF Reference Models (TRMs)
  • Information Flow
  • Information Infrastructure Reference Model
  • ADM: Architecture Development Method
  • An Overview of ADM
  • Objectives and Principles of ADM
  • Understanding ADM Process
  • ADM and TOGAF Components
  • Studying ADM Phases
  • Inputs and Outputs in ADM
  • Adapting and Governing the ADM
  • What is Governance Repository?
  • Architectural Activities
  • Architecture Integration
  • What is TOGAF V91 M5 Architecture Repository?
  • Significance of Architecture Repository
  • Purpose of Architecture Repository
  • Architecture Landscape and Reference Library
  • Standards Information Base
  • Classification
  • What is Governance Log?
  • TOGAF V91 M9 Architecture Governance
  • ADM and Governance
  • Principles of Governance
  • Nature of Governance
  • Various Levels of Governance
  • Frameworks of Governance
  • COBIT IT Governance Framework
  • TOGAF Architecture Governance Framework
  • Structure and Processes of Architecture Governance Framework
  • Advantages of Architecture Governance
  • Studying Architecture Board
  • Architecture Board: Responsibilities and Operations
  • Understanding Architecture Contracts
  • Contracts and ADM
  • Architecture Compliance
  • Terminology and Reviews
  • Tools Standardization
  • TOGAF V91 M6 Architecture Content Framework
  • Advantages of Content Framework
  • What is Enterprise Continuum?
  • Tools of Enterprise Continuum
  • Studying Roadmap
  • Reusing Architecture
  • Constituents of Enterprise Continuum
  • Defining the Architecture Continuum
  • Defining the Solutions Continuum
  • How to use Continuum?
  • Continuum and the Relationships
  • What is TOGAF Content Metamodel?
  • Need of a Metamodel
  • Advantages of Metamodel
  • Model: Informal and Formal
  • Concepts of Core Content
  • What are Core Metamodel Entities?
  • Core Metamodel Entities and their Relationships
  • TOGAF 9 Artifacts
  • Full Content Metamodel Artifacts
  • Metamodel Extensions
  • Governance and Services Extension
  • Process Modeling and Data Extension
  • Infrastructure Consolidation and Motivation Extension
  • TOGAF V91 M12 Views and Viewpoints
  • Various Objectives and Definitions
  • Views and Viewpoints
  • System, Stakeholders, and Concerns
  • Architecture View
  • ADM and Developing Views in it
  • Understanding View Creation Process
  • Approaches
  • Using TOGAF Artifacts
  • What are Catalogs and Matrices
  • Defining Stakeholder Map Matrix
  • TOGAF V91 M13 Building Blocks
  • What are Building Blocks?
  • Roadmaps, Objectives and Characteristics
  • Types of Building Blocks
  • Architecture of Building Blocks
  • Solutions and Specifications
  • Building Blocks and ADM Phase
  • Building Blocks Design
  • TOGAF V91 M8 Preliminary Phase
  • What are the Objectives?
  • Various Approaches
  • Steps in Preliminary Phase
  • Step 1: Scoping the Enterprise Organizations Impacted
  • Step 2: Confirming Governance and Support Framework
  • Step 3: Defining and Establishing Enterprise Architecture Team
  • Step 4: Identifying Architecture Principles
  • Various Templates for Principles
  • What are the Qualities of Principles?
  • Tailoring: An Overview
  • Tailoring: Terminology, Process, and Content
  • What is TOGAF V91 M10 Business Scenarios?
  • Business Scenarios and ADM
  • Criteria of Good Business Scenarios
  • Defining SMART
  • Advantages of Business Scenarios
  • Developing Business Scenarios
  • Contents and Templates of a Business Scenarios
  • TOGAF V91 M11 Stakeholder Management
  • Roadmaps, Objectives, and Benefits
  • An Overview of Stakeholder Management
  • Steps in Stakeholder Management
  • Step 1: Identifying Stakeholders
  • Step 2: Classifying Stakeholder Positions
  • Step 3: Determining Stakeholder Management Approach
  • Step 4: Tailoring Engagement Deliverables
  • Stakeholder Management and Maps
  • Architecture of Implementation Support Techniques
  • Understanding Interoperability and the ADM
  • Requirements and Solutions
  • Business Transformation Readiness Assessment
  • Understanding Readiness Factors
  • Rating, Risks, and Actions
  • Risk Management and the ADM
  • Initial Risk Assessment
  • Risk Classification
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Capabilities: Planning Concept
  • TOGAF V91 M15 Phase A
  • Applications Architecture
  • Vision Objectives and Approach
  • Inputs and Steps
  • TOGAF V91 M16 Phase B
  • Gap Analysis
  • Developing Baseline Business Architecture Description
  • Developing Target Business Architecture Description
  • TOGAF V91 M17 Phase C
  • Top-Down Design
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • TOGAF V91 M18 Phase C Data Architecture
  • Artifacts and Steps
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • TOGAF V91 M18A Phase C
  • Data Architecture
  • Catalogs and Matrices
  • Data Diagrams
  • Data Dissemination
  • Data Lifecycle
  • Data Security and Migration
  • TOGAF V91 M19 13RM
  • TRM Orientations
  • High-Level III-RM
  • TOGAF V91 M20 Phase C
  • Applications Architecture
  • Reference Models
  • III-RM Business and Technical Drivers
  • Steps
  • TOGAF V91 M20A Phase C
  • Catalogs and Matrices
  • TOGAF V91 M21 Foundation Architecture
  • TRM
  • Taxonomy of Platform Services
  • TOGAF V91 M22 Phase D
  • Technology Architecture
  • Approach
  • TOGAF V91 M23 Migration Planning
  • Consolidated Gaps Solutions and Dependencies
  • Business Value Assessment
  • TOGAF V91 M24 Phase E
  • Opportunities and Solutions
  • TOGAF V91 M25 Phase F
  • Migration Planning
  • Steps and Objectives
  • TOGAF V91 M26 Phase G
  • Implementation Governance
  • TOGAF V91 M27 Phase H
  • Architecture Change and Management
  • Maintenance Redesign
  • TOGAF V91 M28
  • Architecture Requirements Managements
  • Types of Requirements
  • TOGAF V91 M30 Iteration Levels
  • Iteration Cycles
  • TOGAF V91 M31 Security
  • Phases
  • TOGAF V91 M32 SOA
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • TOGAF V91 M33 Architecture
  • Maturity Models
  • ACMM
  • TOGAF V91 M34 Architecture Skills Framework

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TOGAF Certification Training will help you clear the TOGAF Level 1 and TOGAF Level 2 Certifications. These certifications are ideal for Lead Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect, Domain Architect, Project Architect, Business Architect, Applications Architect, Information Architect, Technical Architect, and Security Architect. Individuals take up these certifications to achieve higher positions in the companies. Developers opt for these certifications to move a step higher to become efficient architects and further. As a matter of fact, professionals with TOGAF certifications are preferred to individuals who do not have any certifications. Certifications make your skill set apparent to the world around and also add value to your profile. These days TOGAF certifications are considered as a necessary requirement therefore many aspirants are opting for getting trained in TOGAF. TOGAF Certification Training will prove beneficial to you and it will bring huge success and salaries with it!
TOGAF Certified Professionals earn lots and lots of money. Have a look at the following facts: togaf-certified-professionals-salary
Big names such as IBM, HP, CapGemini, and Infosys are associated with TOGAF. Many renowned companies hire TOGAF Professionals for a number of profiles such as Enterprise Architect, Solutions Architect, Information Technology Architect, Senior Software Architect, and many more.
TOGAF 9 Certification is designed exclusively for TOGAF professionals and it is a hierarchy of two certifications namely TOGAF 9 Foundation and TOGAF 9 Certified. These two certifications lend credibility to the skill set of TOGAF Professionals. Any TOGAF enthusiast can appear for Level 1 Certification TOGAF 9 Foundation in which the focus is on the basic concepts, terminologies, founding principles, and enterprise architecture of TOGAF. The Level 2 TOGAF 9 Certified Certification is meant for advanced TOGAF learning and certification such as the practical implementation of TOGAF principles and skill set.

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FAQs for Togaf

Yes, we provide training on TOGAF Certifications and our training course is designed in such a way that it prepares you for the globally recognized certifications for TOGAF such as TOGAF 9 Foundation and TOGAF 9 Certified. These certifications are a step towards better future and better opportunities.

Yes, we do provide Course completion certificate after you successfully complete your training course. Knowledge gathered during the course will help you crack other certifications too.



TOGAF Training in Pune

ETLhive is one of the leading TOGAF Training in Pune wherein you undergo extensive training in TOGAF. This training prepares you for TOGAF 9 Level 1 Foundation and TOGAF 9 Level 2 Certified Certifications. These certifications will prove beneficial to you in terms of career growth and progression. TOGAF Certifications are targeted towards Enterprise Architect Professionals, Business Architects, IT Architects, and all those individuals who wish to have in-depth understanding of TOGAF and aspire to clear TOGAF exams and obtain certifications. The TOGAF training at ETLhive is an excellent opportunity to learn TOGAF concepts such as Architecture Development Method (ADM), Enterprise Continuum, Architecture Repository, Architecture Governance, Architecture Views, Viewpoints, Stakeholders, and Architecture Building Blocks. With such a skill set you will be able to clear the two TOGAF certifications which will in their own way validate your skills. The TOGAF training sessions at ETLhive is a blend of theoretical and practical sessions with much focus on hands-on exercises. The training ends with a live project during which you will be made to work on some use-cases. This will help you demonstrate your skills both in interviews and in the Certification exam. TOGAF certifications are a proof that you have an exceptional skill set that is valued across the globe. After this certification, you are highly sought-after by most of the big renowned companies. Enroll for TOGAF Certification Training and make maximum of this opportunity. Get Best Jobs with Best Salaries with TOGAF Training and Certification!

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