The Future of AI and Education

The Future of AI and Education

Artificial intelligence(AI) makes machines “smarter”, they are able to understand their surroundings and react to them with a human touch. AI has evolved from simple parking cameras to complex military drones. Siri, Cortana, Echo use AI bots to chat with the user. Similarly, AI has entered into our mainstream through Spotify and Netflix, suggesting us songs and movies based on our preferences. However, AI hasn’t really evolved into the education industry, despite proving wildly popular in other industries.Slowly but surely, AI will take over our classrooms and revolutionize the educational industry.

What are the challenges facing Education which can be solved by Big Data and AI?

AI applications can tackle some of the most common and frustrating problems facing the education industry today.
For example:

  • A lot of red tape in administration
  • Progress is rigid
  • Difficult to recruit, train and retain teachers
  • Current curriculum needs revision to suit future needs
  • The difficulty of hiring substitute teachers
  • Tests and assessments inhibit learning and teaching
  • Learning is standard and not personalized

Why should we introduce AI in school?

In the future, the workplace will be part human and part AI. This should be mirrored in the education so that children are better equipped in the future. Therefore, schools must provide environments are creative as well as analytical.

How will AI transform the education industry?

AI can provide with Personalized learning:

Students will have a personalized tutor which will help him or her to get knowledge, get his queries answered. It will challenge the students and also spend more time on concepts that the child finds hard to understand.

For example, Thinkster Math and SplashMath are personalized Math tutors available to students.

AI can act as Teachers’ assistants:

Currently, most teachers are overburdened with classwork. But tasks such as grading could be easily automated, reducing the teacher’s workload and leaving them with more time to teach. For example, Gradescope, Pearson Essay Assessment are some of the tools available to teachers which do the assessment work using AI.

AI can provide Teachers’ Training:

AI are veritable warehouses of information which teachers can access to teach themselves and their students. Be it learning programming languages od foreign languages, AI will simplify it and provide lots of learning.

AI can connect classrooms:

AI can be used to connect classrooms, not only across cities but across the world. This will lead to a global learning and getting expert knowledge from authentic sources. For example, Brainly is considered a good social media site which helps students collaborate and get verified answers from fellow students.

AI can teach students from current affairs:

AI will help students learn from observing current events so that their knowledge is current. Syllabus changes can be incorporated on the fly by having access to the large quantity of data that AI provides. For example, Content Technologies, Inc (CTI) has developed textbooks for students using AI and Machine Learning. These textbooks are personalized according to the student.

AI can Improve current teaching methods:

Teachers are humans, so they can make mistakes. But AI, once programmed correctly, will be able to give correct information at all times. What’s more, it can learn from the student's mistakes and based on machine learning, continuously improve itself. It can give hints to students, guide them, alert teachers and provide instant feedback.

AI can help Provide Virtual Classrooms:

Once AI has evolved enough, students need not come to class to learn, they can learn from their homes. This reduces the cost of maintaining schools and classrooms.

For example, Netex Learning provides a virtual classroom with a curriculum designed by the latest trends in the market. For developing countries where sometimes the schools are sparsely-funded, diligent students can prepare without enrolling themselves in schools. This is all possible once AI is integrated into the Education System.


AI has a hitherto unexplored potential which will transform the education industry. Education is in dire need of upgrade using AI, as we are training the bright minds of tomorrow and they should be trained with the best possible technologies and tools.

AI adoption in Education should hopefully pick up at a rapid pace once people understand how beneficial it is. Learn about the next generation of jobs! At ETLHive, we will mentor and coach you with Data Analytics and AI. We can also make Data Analytics and AI, & Python, work for your organization.

September 28, 2018

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