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Shell Scripting Course

Shell Scripting is a computer program run by UNIX shell, a multitasking computer operating system. Both Shell Scripting and UNIX are extremely popular and most of the IT projects in one way or the other are UNIX based. Research shows that more than 80% websites depend on UNIX, and this has become a primary reason why most of the people still opt for UNIX and shell scripting. You double your chances of employment and growth once you opt for the Shell Scripting and UNIX Course. Shell Scripting and UNIX will also be helpful for you if you want to make a career in Informatica, Java, or as a database developer, or an administrator. The Shell Scripting course at ETLhive focuses on the most widely used shells such as SH (Bourne Shell), CSH (C Shell), KSH (Korn Shell), BASH (Bourne again shell), TCSH (Extended C Shell), and so on. Further, the course is specifically designed keeping in mind the growing relevance of automation on UNIX and Linux environment set up. It is a hands-on training course which emphasizes on both intermediate and advanced level of Shell Scripting and UNIX concepts.  

Who should opt for the Course?

Shell Scripting or UNIX is for every one having experience in Networking, Administration, Manual Testing, or IT Support. This course is ideal for people who wish to improve their careers as Database (Oracle/Sybase) developers working on UNIX platforms, and Database (Oracle/Sybase) Administrators.



·         Basic Knowledge of any Programming language 

·         Basic Knowledge of Unix / Linux Platform will be an add-on

Shell Scripting Course Features


One Stop Solution!

   Ability to attend missed sessions

    Complete documentation

   Resume preparation

   Certification preparation.

   Interview preparation

   Placement assistance

Shell Scripting Syllabus


UNIX Essentials

·         A Brief History of UNIX

·         Architecture of UNIX

·         The UNIX Kernel

·         Defining the UNIX File System

·         Structure of the File System

·         Directories, Files, Pathnames

·         File and Directory Handling

·         File Systems and Storage of Files

·         Navigation of the File System

·         Understanding File Attributes

UNIX Commands

·         Analysis of Basic Commands and Concepts

·         Defining Command Manuals

·         Command Line Syntax

·         Understanding Relative and Absolute Paths

·         Studying Environment Variables

·         Redirection and Pipes

·         Functions as Independent Building Blocks

·         Scope of Variable in Functions: Local & Global

·         Studying Input Redirection

·         Understanding Output Redirection

·         Variables Substitution in Shell

The vi Editor

·         Overview of the vi Editor

·         Functions of the Editor

·         Switching to Input Mode

·         Use of vi Editor

·         Signals handling and trapping

·         Search Text

·         Replace Text

·         SED Utility in detail

·         SED and Search-Replace

·         GREP Utility in detail

·         GREP and Search Text

·         FIND Utility in detail

·         AWK utility in detail

·         Linking Files

·         Connecting Third Party Application: Oracle, FTP 

Recall Commands & File Permissions

·         Defining Bash Shell

·         Defining Korn Shell

·         SH: Bourne Shell

·         CSH: C Shell

·         KSH: Korn Shell

·         BASH: Bourne Again Shell

·         TSCH: Extended C Shell

·         File Access Permissions

·         User and User Groups

·         Changing File Attributes

·         Switch User and User Groups

Processes & Other Commands

·         Understanding Process

·         Studying Monitoring Process

·         Implementing Kill Processes

·         Scheduling Processes: At, Batch, Cron

·         Understanding Job Control

·         Studying Grouping Commands

·         The Word Count Command

·         The Find Command

·         The Cut Command

·         The Finger Command

·         The Sort Command

·         User Environment and Customization

·         Customizing .profile or .bash_profile

·         Customizing .kshrc or .bashrc

Shell Scripting

·         Overview of Shell

·         Benefits of the Shell

·         Ways to Execute Shell Commands

·         Understanding Types of Shell

·         What is Shell Scripting?

·         Understanding Shell Script Essentials

·         What is Interpolation?

·         Studying Variables & Read Variables

·         Defining Operators

·         Understanding Exit Status

·         Commands in Shell Scripting

·         Substitution, Quoting & Flow Controls

·         Parameters, Shell Initialization Files  

·         Quoting Characters, Shell Expansion & Aliases

·         Executing Shell Scripting

Bash Shell Scripting

·         The Bash Environment

·         Studying Shell Initialization Files

·         Quote Characters

·         Shell Variables and Assigning Value to a Variable

·         How to Name Variable Name

·         Accessing the Value of Variable

·         Output Command in a Variable

·         Default Variables

·         Mathematical Expressions

Writing and Debugging Scripts

·         Create and Run a Script

·         Writing & Executing Basic Script

·         Debugging Bash Scripts

·         Making Interactive Scripts

·         Regular Expressions & Pattern Matching

·         Conditional Statements

·         If Usage: Basic and Advanced

·         If-else-elif

·         Test Command

·         Logical Operators: AND, OR, NOT

·         ase - esac

·         Using Case Statements

·         Repetitive tasks

·         The for loop

·         The while loop

·         The until loop

·         I/O Redirection and Loops

·         Break and continue

·         Making Menus with the Select Built–in

·         The Shift Built-in

Advanced Shell Scripting

·         Studying Advanced Shell Scripting Techniques

·         How to provide Command Line Options to Scripts

·         Defining Shells & Subshells

·         How to Export Variables

·         Understanding Arrays

·         Carrying out Remote Shell Execution

·         Dialog Boxes

·         SQL with Shell

·         Connecting MySQL with Shell

·         Running SQL Queries form Shell Script

·         System Administration Jobs

·         AIX, Solaris & Linux

·         Managing Disk Space & File System

·         Understanding Start & Shutdown Scripts

·         Understanding Backup-cpio-tar

·         Monitoring and Health Check Session

·         Test Framework Development


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