Roles and Responsibilities of Hadoop Professionals

Let’s have a look at the Roles and Responsibilities of Hadoop Professionals.

Meet the Happy Hadoopers…

  hadoop architect etlhive

I take care of the needs of the organization and execute my responsibilities by bridging the gap among Big data Scientists, Big data Developers, and Big data Testers. I ensure that the proposed Hadoop Solution gets materialized the way it is designed to be.

Check out what my profile is:

  • I plan and design bigdata system architectures
  • I create requirement analysis
  • I am responsible for platform selection
  • I design Hadoop applications and plan their development
  • I ensure successful progression of development life cycle

I am skilled in:

  • Hadoop Architecture
  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Hadoop Distribution Platforms: Cloudera, HortonWorks, MapR
  • Java MapReduce
  • HBase, Hive, Pig

I am Happy because I earn a lot! I am Happy because there are number of opportunities in this field!


Look at the facts:



I love programming and that is what my profile demands out of me. I am a programmer akin to other software programmers but I specialize in BigData Technologies. I have a strong technical knowledge of computer procedural languages and of all the concepts that are central to create and deploy Hadoop applications.

Have a look at my roles and responsibilities:

  • I develop Hadoop Applications
  • I manage and monitor Hadoop Log Files
  • I manage Hadoop jobs using scheduler
  • I design, build, install, and configure Hadoop
  • I maintain security and data privacy
  • I am responsible for Cluster Coordination Services through Zookeeper
  • I develop MapReduce coding running on Hadoop cluster
  • I design scalable web services for data tracking
  • I test software prototypes and supervise its’ transfer to operations

My Skill-set includes:

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Hadoop Distribution Platforms: Cloudera, HortonWorks, MapR
  • Java MapReduce
  • HBase and HiveQL
  • Pig Latin Scripts
  • Multi-threading and concurrency concepts
  • Data Loading Tools: Flume and Scoop
  • Workflow and Schedulers: Oozie

I am Happy because I am quite confident about my future. I am happy because I am earning well and Job trends indicate fortunate years for me ahead.

See what points out:


hadoop-tester etlhive

I test the Hadoop application under consideration. My responsibility includes finding bugs and carrying out the process of troubleshooting. I make sure that the MapReduce jobs, HiveQL scripts, and Pig Latin scripts are tested properly so that they work under all scenarios without any trouble.

I am also responsible for:

  • Constructing test cases to find bugs
  • Creating reports about defects
  • Finding and reporting defects to the managers and the development team

I have an in-depth knowledge of:

  • Java
  • MapReduce
  • JUnit
  • MRUnit
  • Hive and Pig

I am a Happy Hadooper because this profile is interesting and promises professional growth.

hadoop-tester etlhive


I am a system administrator, specializing in Hadoop, therefore known as Hadoop Administrator. My roles and responsibilities include administration of Hadoop infrastructure. I team up with Hadoop developers and testers in order to deploy hardware and software environments.

Let me compile the roles and responsibilities of a Hadoop Administrator:

  • Managing cluster connectivity and security
  • Removing nodes with the help of tools such as Cloudera Manager Enterprise and Dell Open Manage
  • Managing HDFS maintenance and support
  • Working closely with data scientists and business application teams to provide data
  • Setting up Linux Users and ensuring Hive, Pig, HDFS, and MapReduce access to users.
  • Reviewing Hadoop log files and monitoring file system
  • Escalating the final product to the vendors

I am skilled in:

  • Linux
  • Oozie, HCatalog, Hive
  • HBase, Pig, Mahout
  • Deployment tools: Puppet, Chef, Linux Scripting
  • Deploying Hadoop Cluster and adding and removing nodes
  • I have knowledge of troubleshooting, bottlenecks, storage, and networks

I am Happy with my profile. I am happy because I have a steady career with a handsome salary.

hadoop admin etlhive

data-scientist etlhive

I analyze, manage, and streamline complicated data sets. I am responsible for devising tools to enhance the information flow to the organizations for business benefits. I analyse data coming from varied sources to help business houses derive business intelligence so that they can take intelligent decisions and make good business policies.

Have a look at my roles and responsibilities:

  • Extract relevant data for analysis
  • Work on data modeling standards
  • Create predictive models for deriving business intelligence
  • Work on data mining architectures and data analysis methodologies
  • Analyzing business requirements and developing big data analytics projects accordingly

My skill set is as follows:

  • Mathematics, Statistics, and Programming
  • Data extraction and manipulation, and data analytics
  • Pig, Hive, SQL
  • SAS and R

I am Happy because I have the “sexiest job of the 21st century!”


February 28, 2017

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