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Windows Operating System

  • What is an Operating system?
  • Types of Windows operating system
  • Difference between client and server OS.
  • Editions of Server Operating system
  • Features of Server Operating system
  • Prerequisites and hardware requirements of OS installation
  • Installation of Windows Operating systems
  • Post installation configurations
  • Applying Group policy, Security policy and MMC
  • User Management, Resource management
  • Types of HDD, Disk Management.
  • Partition of Disks, Drive mapping
  • Shares and Folder permissions
  • Installation of Roles and Features in server


  Active Directory

  • Introduction to AD, DNS, DHCP, Domain, Forest etc.
  • Active Directory installation and configuration
  • Roaming profile configuration


  • DNS installation and configuration


  • DHCP installation and configuration


  • WSUS installation and configuration
  • WSD installation and deployment

 TS Licensing

  • Planning for TS license server installation
  • Installation and configuration of Terminal License server

OS Upgrade

  • Considerations for upgrading from OS version to the other
  • Upgrading servers from Windows server 2003 to 2008
  • Upgrading servers from Windows server 2008 to 2012


  • Hyper-V installation prerequisites
  • Hardware requirements
  • Installation and configuration of Hyper-V
  • Configuration of Network Adapter
  • Virtual machine creation
  • VHD creation and addition for VMs.
  • Pass through disk addition
  • Troubleshooting hyper-V issues

 Citrix Xenapp 6.5 

  • Citrix Xenapp 6.5 installation prerequisites
  • Hardware requirements
  • Installation and configuration of Citrix Xenapp
  • Configuration of Datastore and Licensing server
  • Publishing application in Citrix Appcentre

Powershell Help System

  • Understanding PowerShell help System
  • Types of Help Available
  • How to read PS Help
  • Understanding the commands
  • Identifying the parameters

Working with the Pipeline

  • Concept of Pipeline
  • Advantages of Pipeline
  • Exporting, Importing, and Converting Data
  • Filtering Objects Out of the Pipeline
  • Enumerating Objects in the Pipeline

How the Pipeline Works

  • Passing Data in the Pipeline ByValue
  • Passing Data in the Pipeline ByPropertyName 

Using PSProviders and PSDrives

  • What are PSProviders and PSDrives
  • Purpose of PSProviders and PSDrives
  • Using PSDrives to work with Registry, Files system
  • Modifying/Querying the Registry and File system

Formatting Output

  • Using Basic Formatting
  • Exploring Inbuilt formatting
  • Using Advanced Formatting
  • Redirecting Formatted Output to file, Screen, Printer
  • Custom Formatting

Using WMI and CIM

  • Introduction to WMI and WMI Objects
  • Need of WMI in Powershell
  • Querying Data with WMI/CIM
  • Making Changes with WMI/CIM

Powershell Modules and Manifests

  • Adding additional functionality in shell
  • Exploring new CMDLETS
  • Dynamic/Manual Module loading
  • Creating your own module

Preparing for Scripting

  • Types Of Variable
  • Using Variables
  • Scope of Variables
  • Scripting Security
  • Working with Alternate Credentials

Administering Remote Computers

  • What is PowerShell Remoting?
  • Prerequisites for Remoting
  • Using Basic Remoting 1:1 and 1: Many
  • Creating interactive Remote session
  • Creating Persistent Session
  • Using Remoting for Delegated Administration

Loops Supported in Powershell

  • Else and nested If..Else
  • Foreach
  • For
  • Switch
  • While Loop

Using Advanced PowerShell Techniques and Profiles

  • Understanding Powershell Function
  • Purpose Of Functions
  • Creating Powershell Functions
  • Adding Help information in functions
  • Using Parameters in script
  • Adding advanced parameters.
  • Creating Profile Scripts 



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In this course, you will learn the Powershell training in Pune with basic concepts of data management within Informix. You will learn how to determine correct data types; how to create, manage, and maintain tables and indexes; how the Informix optimizer works; how to manage data; and how to use the SET EXPLAIN feature to determine query effectiveness.Our Powershell courses are designed in certain method where participants can get benefits with more content in less span of time.
Start from absolute zero and learn PowerShell as it was meant to be used. Advance into scripting and “tool making,” learning to make command-line and graphical tools from scratch. Move into advanced, real-world, field-proven topics such as reporting, trend analysis, and more. Learn super-advanced features like workflow and Desired State Configuration. Or find topics that go beyond the shell, such as using Component Object Model and .NET Framework classes in the shell.

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