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IoT Internet of Things Course in Pune

About the Course

The Internet of Things (IoT) training course at ETLhive is a detailed training deliverable on how and what of Internet of Things, and on how it is changing the entire scenario of our lives. During this course, you will gain hands-on expertise on IoT and its significance, IoT devices, hardware and software requirements, networking and connectivity, IoT communication and security. Further, the IoT training course also includes practical sessions on how to control the devices through IoT technology which includes working on Raspberry Pi and Arduino IoT platforms. You will also get to know about other important controls that you can handle with IoT such as that of devices like switches, motors, and sensors. Otherwise, if you go by the statistics on IoT, you will realize that it is highly beneficial to undergo IoT training not only because you will be a smart professional but also because IoT is certainly on the rise. “The IoT will have an economic impact of up to $11 Trillion by 2025” – McKinsey Global Institute. So, it definitely means better opportunities to grow. 

Intended Audience for Internet of Things IoT Training Course

Since IoT is the future of technology therefore it will prove meaningful for all the IT professionals but it is all the more meaningful for Software Developers, Engineers, Data Analysts, and Big Data Professionals. Otherwise, IoT is equally ideal for individuals who wish to have a career in the domain of Internet of Things.

Prerequisites for Internet of Things IoT Course 

There are no technical prerequisites for this course. 

IoT Internet of Things Course Features



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IoT Internet of Things Course Content


Internet of Things

  • Internet of Things – The Future
  • Exploring Devices Connected to the Internet
  • Studying Components of IoT Devices
  • Design Considerations of IoT
  • IoT Device and the Physical World
  • IoT & Hardware-Software Set back
  • IoT and the Embedded Systems
  • IoT and Big Data, Cloud, Analytics


IoT Architecture: Hardware and Software

  • Studying IoT Stack Architecture
  • IoT Architecture: Components and Layers
  • The IoT App
  • IoT and the Data Processing  Platform
  • IoT and Connecting Thing or Device
  • IoT and aPaaS
  • Data and Device Management in IoT
  • Middleware in IoT
  • Device hub/Gateway
  • Sensors and Hardware/Firmware in IoT



IoT and arduino Platform

  • Exploring the Arduino Platform
  • Arduino: Open Source IoT Platform
  • Arduino Physical Board and Libraries
  • Integrated Development Environment
  • Arduino Shields and Operations
  • Heat and Light Sensing
  • Other Features: GPS and UI Display
  • Arduino and Programming
  • Arduino and C Language
  • External Devices on the Arduino Board



The Arduino Interface

  • The Arduino Interface: An Overview
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Sensors, Sensing and the Physical World
  • Types of Sensors Deployed
  • Sensors and Connections to Arduino
  • Conversion: Analog and Digital Signals
  • Information Exchange: Physical and Digital Domains
  • Signal Conversion and Programing
  • Arduino Shields and Software Libraries



The Raspberry Pi Platform

  • Defining Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Platform: Features
  • Operating System and the Single-board Computer
  • The Raspberry User Interface
  • Networking in Raspberry
  • Deploying Compute-intensive IoT
  • Raspberry Pi Environment Set up
  • Python Coding for the Raspberry Pi
  • Python-based Integrated Development Environment
  • Tracing and Debugging Python Code




Raspberry Pi Interface

  • Raspberry Pi and the Physical World
  • Exploring Input and Output Devices
  • Studying Protocols: USB, HDMI and Ethernet
  • Protocols and Information Exchange
  • Physical Devices and Control
  • Controlling Devices: Motors, Sensors, Thermostats, Switches 
  • Signal Conversion: Analog to Digital
  • Raspberry Pi Expansion Boards
  • Complex Hardware Setup and Raspberry Pi



IoT Sensors

  • IoT Sensors: An Overview
  • Sensors and IoT Systems
  • Micro-electromechanical Systems and IoT Sensors
  • Sensors judging Proximity
  • Sensors judging Temperature
  • Electric Sensors
  • Mechanical Sensors
  • Acoustics and Acceleration
  • Smart Sensors and Analytics
  • Smart Sensors and Connectivity

IoT Communication

  • Communication in IoT
  • Information Exchange Methodology for IoT
  • Bluetooth and WiFi in IoT
  • Near Field Communication in IoT
  • Zigbee, Z-Wave, Cellular, Thread in IoT
  • Communication Protocols
  • Interoperability between Devices

IoT Programming

  • IoT System and Coding
  • Micro-controller-based Embedded System
  • Programming Interface and the Physical World
  • System Design and Microcontrollers
  • Future of IoT with Programming

IoT Security and Design

  • IoT Design for end-to-end Security
  • Exploring Hack-proof Methods
  • Information Exchange, Networking and Security
  • Security and Software Updates
  • Security and Error Reporting
  • Use of Centrally Deployed Software and Firmware
  • Competitive Infrastructure
  • Security and User Updates
  • Rolling Updates and Rolling Back Security Updates
  • Channels for Security from Regular Updates
  • Security and Software Testing
  • Testing of third-party services
  • End-user Testing Initiatives for Security
  • Ensuring Support and User Onboarding
  • Edge Processing
  • Secure Data Management
  • Collection and Retention
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliances
  • IoT Project: Raspberry Pi and Python
  • IoT Project: Arduino Uno Board
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