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IBM Bluemix Training in Pune

About the Course

The IBM Bluemix Training Course at ETLhive is a comprehensive hands-on training module on cloud computing and platform. The course is intended for those who wish to become Bluemix experts, who will be able to carry out cloud computing projects after they successfully master the skills related to cloud computing and cloud services. The Bluemix Course at ETLhive is designed to include all the major topics both basic and advanced such as essentials of cloud computing, Bluemix UI, CLI, IDE, DevOps, Bluemix PaaS, and about how Bluemix is used for Business Insights. As far as the market trends are concerned, Cloud Computing is the growing sector and with its ever increasing demand in the market, there is an increase in the number of jobs in cloud computing every year. Further, Bluemix is preferred all over because it helps developers use its cloud computing platforms and services for easy and fast development of applications. The Bluemix Training Course provides a full-fledged practical training on such cloud computing services, Bluemix concepts, and DevOps, which is also used extensively in the cloud computing projects.    

Intended Audience for IBM Bluemix Training Course

The IBM Bluemix course at ETLhive is for all those professionals to aspire to have expertise in Bluemix Cloud and its allied tools and concepts, and those who are keen in application development. 

  • Project Managers should take up the IBM Bluemix Course for skill enhancement
  • Professionals who want to use Cloud Computing & Bluemix Technology in their projects
  • Software Developers, Architects and Graduates who wish to have a career in cloud technology


Prerequisites for IBM Bluemix

Knowledge of any high-level programming will be beneficial.

IBM Bluemix Course Features



One Stop Solution!

   Ability to attend missed sessions

    Complete documentation

   Resume preparation

   Certification preparation.

   Interview preparation

   Placement assistance

IBM Bluemix Course Content


Cloud Computing Essentials

  • Definition of Cloud Computing
  • Significance of Cloud Computing
  • Studying Models of Cloud Computing
  • Models:  Cloud Service and Cloud Delivery
  • Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • What is Bluemix?
  • Need and Evolution of Bluemix
  • Bluemix Terminology


  • What is Bluemix?
  • Studying Cloud Architecture
  • Bluemix Login and Access
  • Creating Bluemix Account
  • Bluemix CLI
  • Bluemix and App Manager
  • IBM Bluemix Environment
  • Organization Management Elements in IBM Bluemix Environment
  • IBM Bluemix Region
  • IBM Bluemix Applications in Multiple Regions
  • Bluemix: Frameworks & Languages



Bluemix and Java Based Applications

  • Java Apps: Deployment & Scaling
  • Studying IBM WebSphere
  • IBM WebSphere: Liberty Profile
  • IBM WebSphere: Application Server
  • What is Buildpack?
  • Using Boilerplate to create an Application
  • Commands to Manage Applications through CLI
  • Pushing Applications to Bluemix through CLI
  • What and How of Application Scaling?



Enhancing Apllication through Managed Services

  • What and How of Managed Services?
  • Services in Bluemix
  • Services: Concept and Types
  • Ways of Binding Service to Monitor Applications
  • How to Build Database to an Application?
  • Auto scaling of Applications 



Bluemix and DevOps

  • Collaboration of DevOps and Bluemix
  • DevOps and Bluemix
  • What is Delivery Pipeline?
  • Delivery Pipeline: Monitoring & Analytics
  • Delivery Pipeline: Track & Plan
  • Agile Tracking & Planning
  • Editing & Debugging Applications
  • How to use DevOps Web Code Editor
  • DevOps Services Source Code Management



Bluemix and IDE

  • Bluemix and IDE
  • Studying IDEs: Nebeans 
  • Understanding Eclipse on Bluemix
  • DevOps Services Projects from Eclipse
  • Load DevOps Services 
  • DevOps Services Work Item Queries in Eclipse
  • Steps to Set Up Bluemix Server in Eclipse
  • GITHUB Integration in Eclipse
  • Bringing Source Code to Eclipse
  • Testing Applications from Eclipse




Frameworks on Bluemix

  • Studying Frameworks on Bluemix
  • JavaScript Apps: Development & Deployment
  • Scalability of Server-Side JavaScript Apps
  • IBM SDK for Node.js
  • Enabling Live Sync Feature of Node.js Apps
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  • Understanding Docker Container
  • Bluemix Containers & Virtual Servers

Load Testing and SSO Service

  • Using Load Impact for Load Testing
  • SSO Service for Security
  • Load Testing for Cloud Applications
  • Virtual User Load for Testing 
  • What is SSO?
  • Applications that use SSO
  • Integration of an SSO Service to an Application
  • Defining Virtual User Load against an Application
  • Analyzing Results from Load Tests
  • Cloud Directory & Social Providers
  • Integration: Authentication Callback 
  • Integration: SSO Service to an Application

Data Services

  • Studying Data Services
  • Data Services available in PaaS
  • IBM Bluemix for PaaS Data Services
  • Dash DB and SQL DB
  • Types of Data Services Available in PaaS
  • Features of Data Services
  • Cloudant DB

Advanced Services in Bluemix

  • Usage of Services in Applications
  • Service Dashboard
  • Project: Cloudant DB 
  • Sourcecode till Deployment
  • BigData Project: Bluemix MapReduce Services 
  • BigData Project: Building SQL Application
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