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IBM BigInsights Training in Pune

About the Course

The IBM BigInsights Course is a comprehensive course that not only includes the foundation of IBM InfoSphere but also includes advanced training sessions on Apache Hadoop and on how IBM BigInsights collaborate with Hadoop to make maximum of large volumes of data. The IBM BigInsights training course at ETLhive comprises elaborate lectures with practical sessions on HDFS, MapReduce, Oozie, and Flume. These lectures provide extensive insights on how these elements come together to process and make huge data meaningful for business processes. Further, the detailed information on IBM Open Platform (IOP) will be highly beneficial since it provides a fair idea about how IBM with Apache Hadoop and Apache Ambari come together to figure out the best IT and business solutions to the companies. During the IBM BigInsights course at ETLhive, the candidate will have immense exposure on the foundational and advanced concepts such as InfoSphere BigInsights, HDFS, MapReduce, IOP, YARN, RDD, Apache Zookeeper, Flume, Oozie, Sqoop, Apache Slider, and Apache Knox.

Intended Audience for IBM BigInsights Training Course

The IBM InfoSphere and BigInsights training course is ideal for IT professionals who wish to gain foundation in IBM BigInsights. The course should be attended by:

·         System Administrators and Developers

·         Big Data Engineers and Data Scientists

·         Developers and Programmers 

·         Professionals interested in IBM’s Open Platform and Apache Hadoop

Prerequisites for IBM BigInsights 

As such there are no technical prerequisites for BigInsights Course. However, knowledge of Linux will prove beneficial. 

IBM BigInsights and InfoSphere Course Features



One Stop Solution!

   Ability to attend missed sessions

    Complete documentation

   Resume preparation

   Certification preparation.

   Interview preparation

   Placement assistance

IBM BigInsights Course Content


InfoSphere BigInsights Foundation

  • Overview of InfoSphere BigInsights
  • Installation of BigInsights
  • Understanding Hadoop & HDFS
  • Purpose and Importance of BigData 
  • Data-at-Rest vs Data-in-Motion
  • Administering HDFS
  • Exploring GPFS-FPO
  • Studying BigInsights Web Console
  • What is MapReduce?
  • Studying Adaptive MapReduce
  • Uses of MapReduce
  • BigInsights Clusters: Setup and Configurations
  • Hadoop Clusters 
  • Hadoop Configuration
  • Oozie & Scheduling with Oozie
  • Explaining Oozie Workflow
  • How to Manage Job Execution?
  • How to Move Data into Hadoop?
  • Understanding Flume
  • Using Flume for Data Loading

IBM BigInsights (DW6A1)

  • BigData and IBM BigInsights
  • Setting up the Lab Environment
  • Studying IBM BigInsights
  • How to start with IBM BigInsights?
  • How is BigInsights used for Analytics?
  • Big SQL and BigSheets 
  • How is BigInsights used for Data Science?
  • BigInsights, Data Analytics, and Data Science
  • How to Analyze Data with BigData Insights?
  • Analyze Data with Big R, Jaql, and AQL
  • Using BigInsights for Enterprise Management



IBM Open Platform with Apache Hadoop (DW6B1)

  • IOP: IBM Open Platform and Apache Hadoop
  • Components of Open Source Apache Hadoop Stack
  • Open Data Foundation Approach
  • HDFS and IBM BigInsights
  • Exploring Apache Ambari
  • How to Manage Hadoop Clusters with Apache Ambari? 
  • HDFS: Basic Commands and File Access
  • Studying MapReduce and YARN
  • Differences between Hadoop 1 & MapReduce1
  • Differences between Hadoop 2 & MapReduce2
  • Exploring MapReduce & MR1
  • Advantages and Disadvantages for MR1
  • The Collaboration of YARN and MR2
  • Coding a MapReduce Job
  • Studying Apache Spark
  • Spark Integration with Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Spark RDD and Spark Job
  • Iterative Algorithms using Spark’s RDD
  • Spark: Coordination and Management
  • Exploring Apache ZooKeeper, Slider, and Knox
  • Data and Data Movement
  • How to move Data into Hadoop?
  • Using Flume and Sqoop for Data Movement

IBM Open Platform with Apache Hadoop Contd. (DW6B1)

  • Data Storage 
  • Accessing Data
  • Data Representation
  • Data Formats: Flat Files, Avro, Sequence Files, Parquet
  • Studying Open Source Programming Languages
  • Pig, Hive, R Programming, Python
  • Use of Programming Languages and Hadoop
  • Programming Languages and BigInsights
  • Understanding the use of NoSQL Concepts
  • How to Access Hadoop Data using Hive?
  • Hadoop/HBase Data and Hive
  • Query Data from Hive
  • Random Access on Data Stored in HBase
  • Exploring Apache Solr, Data, & BigInsights






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