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CCNA Course in Pune

About the Course

The Cisco Certification Network Associate (CCNA) training course at ETLhive is the best networking course wherein you will learn the ways of installation, operations, configuration, and verification of basic IPv4 and IPv6 Networks. The CCNA course will give you hands-on training on how to configure a LAN switch, configure IP Routers, troubleshoot common network issues, connect to a WAN, tackle various security threats, configure various components, what and how of Cisco Network Devices & LAN Switching Technologies. The course is absolutely practical and the students will be made to work on various projects so that they understand how to handle different scenarios in CCNA. The CCNA course will be followed by resume preparation and interview preparation wherein the candidates will practice all the concepts related to CCNA for the interviews and also for the CCNA Certification, which is considered as one of the most prestigious certifications in the world. 

Intended Audience for CCNA Training Course

Anyone who is interested in networking can join this course. You can target the following jobs once you complete your CCNA course:

System Administrator, Network administrator, System Engineer, Technical Engineer/Computer Hardware Engineer, Network Engineer, Technical support, Help desk technician/Network support technician, IT technician, IT administrator, Field service technician, Security Database development and administration and Intranet Specialist.

Prerequisites for CCNA Course 

There are no technical prerequisites for the CCNA course. However, knowledge of computer science, information science or engineering will be beneficial. 

CCNA Course Content


Operation of IP Data Networks

  • Network Devices: Routers & Switches
  • Network Devices: Bridges & Hubs
  • Network Specifications & Components
  • Identifying Common Applications 
  • Protocols: OSI and TCP/IP Models
  • Basic Operations & Purpose
  • Predicting Data Flow between two hosts
  • Identifying appropriate Media, Cables, Ports, and Connectors
  • Connecting Cisco Network Devices to Other Network Devices
  • Connecting Cisco Network Devices to hosts in a LAN


LAN Switching Technologies

  • LAN Switching Technologies 
  • Technology & Media Access Control Method
  • Ethernet Networks
  • Basic Switching Concepts
  • Operation of Cisco Switches
  • Configuring & Verifying Switch Configuration
  • Verifying Network Status & Switching Operations with Ping, telnet, and ssh
  • Identifying Enhanced Switching Technologies
  • Creating Logically Separate Networks with VLAN
  • Routing between Networks
  • Configuring & Verifying VLAN
  • Configuring & Verifying Trunking on Cisco Switches
  • Configuring & Verifying PVSTP Operation



IP Addressing (IPv4/IPv6)

  • IP Addresses: Private & Public IP Addresses 
  • IP Addresses: IPv4 Addressing 
  • Identifying the right IPv6 Addressing Scheme
  • Studying Requirements in a LAN/WAN Environment
  • Technological Requirements for Running IPv6 
  • IPv6 & IPv4 as Dual Stack
  • Describe IPv6 Addresses

Routing Technologies

  • Studying IP Routing Technologies
  • Describing Basic Routing Concepts
  • Understanding the Boot Process of Cisco IOS Routers
  • Configuring & Verifying the CLI to set Basic Router Configuration
  • Configuring & Verifying Operation Status of a Device Interface – Both Serial & Ethernet
  • Router Configuration & Network Connectivity
  • Configuring & Verifying Routing Configuration: Static & Default Route
  • Managing Cisco IOS Files 
  • Routing Protocols
  • Differentiating Methods of Routing 
  • Configuring & Verifying OSPF (Single Area)
  • Configuring & Verifying EIGRP (Single AS)
  • InterVLAN Routing: Configuring & Verification
  • Configuring SVI Interfaces




IP Services

  • Configuring and Verifying DHCP (IOS Router)
  • ACLs: Types, Features, & Applications
  • Configuring & Verifying ACLs in a Network Environment
  • Identifying the Basic Operations of NAT
  • Configuring and Verifying NAT as a Client
  • Configuring and Verifying NAT for Network Requirements
  • Recognizing High Availability (FHRP)
  • Configuring & Verifying Syslog
  • Describing SNMP v2 & v3




Network Device Security

  • Configuring & Verifying Network Device Security Features
  • Configuring and Verifying Switch Port Security Features 
  • Configuring and Verifying ACLs to Filter Network Traffic 
  • Configuring and Verifying ACLs to Limit Telnet
  • Configuring and Verifying SSH Access to the Router 



WAN Technologies

  • Understanding WAN Technologies
  • Identifying WAN Technologies
  • Configuring and Verifying a Basic WAN Serial Connection
  • Configuring and Verifying a PPP Connection between Cisco Routers
  • Configure and Verifying Frame Relay on Cisco Routers
  • Implementing and Troubleshooting PPPoE


  • Troubleshoot and correct common problems associated with IP addressing and host configurations
  • Troubleshoot and resolve VLAN problems
  • Troubleshoot and resolve trunking problems on Cisco switches
  • Troubleshoot and resolve ACL issues
  • Troubleshoot and resolve Layer 1 problems
  • Identify and correct common network problems
  • Troubleshoot and resolve spanning tree operation issues
  • Troubleshoot and resolve routing issues
  • Troubleshoot and resolve OSPF problems
  • Troubleshoot and resolve EIGRP problems
  • Inter VLAN routing problems
  • Troubleshoot and resolve WAN implementation issues
  • Monitor NetFlow statistics
  • TS EtherChannel problems

CISCO Internetworking Oprating System

  • Basic Cisco Internetwork Operating System Commands
  • Ethernet interface status and operation
  • Basic Network Device Security features


  • EIGRP metrics and Administrative distance
  • EIGRP tables
  • Automatic and Manual Summarization
  • DUAL
  • Neighbor requirement
  • Configure EIGRP for IPv6

CCNA Training Course Features



One Stop Solution!

   Ability to attend missed sessions

    Complete documentation

   Resume preparation

   Certification preparation.

   Interview preparation

   Placement assistance

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