Big Data and Healthcare

Do you know Big Data helps in Healthcare

Big Data and Healthcare

The healthcare industry may be going through a seemingly endless period of flux, but there are a few unchanging truths about big data analytics that can help guide executive leaders through troubled times.

What is big data in Healthcare?

Big data analytics is not new in healthcare industry and it has lots of positive and life saving results. Big data analytics prefers to the wide quantity of data created by the digitization of everything, that gets merged and analyzed by some specific technologies. useful to healthcare, it will use precise health information of people (or of a specific individual) and can sure that it helps to prevent epidemics, cure disease, cut down costs, etc.

Why there is a Need of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare?

There are big opportunities for big data in healthcare industry, because of increasing costs of hospitality in nations like United States. According to the report, healthcare costs currently are 17.6 percent of Gross Domestic Product(GDP) —almost $600 billion much ahead than the expected measure for a nation of the United States’s size and wealth.

In the earlier strategy, healthcare contributors was not having any source or motive to communicate patient information with expert and consult them, which made it tougher to apply the power of analytics.

Now many of them are getting paid based on patient end results, they have a proper financial motive to communicate information which will help to improve the lives of patients whereas the cutting costs for insurance companies.

1) Patients predictions for an improved Staffing

In one hospital manager faces so many things like: If you put on too many workers, you run the risk of having unnecessary labor costs add up. If suppose you put very less workers, you will experience poor customer service result – which leads to a problem for patients in that industry.

Big data helps to resolve this problem, some hospitals using data from a variety of sources to come up with daily and hourly predications of how many patients are excepted to be a each hospital.

2) Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

It’s the broadest application of big data in hospital and medicine. Every patient that comes to hospital has its own digital report which includes populations, medical record, allergies, laboratory test results etc.

Through secured data systems records are shared to each other and are opened for providers from both private and public sector. Every report is collectively of one updatable file, which means changes can be implemented over time whenever doctor wants to make changes and can reduce paperwork and no danger of data replication.

3. Big Data helps patients come up with a treatment plan

Big data in healthcare will help you for strategic planning and to superior insights into public motivations.
Healthcare managers can inspect body check-up outcomes among people in various demographic groups and can identify that what are the things that discourage people from taking up treatment.

4. Big Data can Cure Cancer

Large amounts of data can be used by medical researchers on therapy plans and improvement rates of cancer patients. This will help to discover trends and treatments which have the maximum rates of success in the real world.For e.g, researchers can study tumor samples in bio banks that are merged up with patient treatment records.Using this data, researchers can see things like how certain mutations and cancer proteins interact with different treatments and find trends that will lead to better patient outcomes.


Bigdata Analytics in healthcare is coming with great results and promising this field for providing insight from very large data sets and doing best practices with positive results while reducing costs. In the current day and age, we cannot ignore the potential of Big Data and there are many companies and industries that need Big Data professionals.

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October 3, 2018

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