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Introduction to Apache Flink 

  • Learn What and why Apache Flink

  • Understand Features of Apache Flink

  • Apache Flink architecture and Flink design principles

  • Work of master process - JobManager

  • Role of worker process - TaskManager

  • Workers, Slots and Resources

  • Overview of Apache Flink APIs

  • Understand difference between Apache Spark and Apache Flink to learn Flink vs Spark.


Demystify Scala

  • Introduction to Scala

  • Setup, Installation and configuration of Scala

  • Develop and execute Scala Programs

  • Scala operators and features

  • Different Functions, procedures and Anonymous functions

  • Deep dive into Scala APIs

  • Collections Array, Map, Lists, Tuples and Loops

  • Advanced operations - Pattern matching

  • Eclipse IDE with Scala


Object Oriented and Functional Programming 

  • Object oriented programming

  • Oops concepts

  • Constructor, getter, setter, singleton, overloading and overridingType Inference, Implicit Parameters, Closures

  • Lists, Maps and Map Operations

  • Nested Classes, Visibility Rules

  • Functional Structures

  • Functional programming constructs

Master Flink Stack

  • Distributed Streaming DataFlow at Runtime with Flink

  • Apache Flink APIs

  • Apache Flink Libraries

  • Data Flow in Apache Flink

  • Fault tolerance in Apache Flink

Setup and Installation of single node Flink

  • Setup of Apache Flink environment and pre-requisites
  • Installation and configuration of Flink on single node
  • Troubleshooting the encountered problems



Setup and Installation of multi-node Flink cluster and Cloud

  • Setup environment on Cloud

  • Install pre-requisites on all nodes

  • Deploy Apache Flink on cluster and Cloud

  • Play with Flink in cluster mode

Master DataStream API for Unbounded Streams

  • Introduction to Flink DataStream API

  • Different DataStream Transformations in Flink

  • Various Data Sources - File based, Socket based, Collection based, Custom

  • Responsibility of Data Sink in Apache Flink

  • Iterations in DataStream APIs

  • DataStream Execution Parameters - Fault tolerance, Controlling Latency

Learn Flink DataSet APIs for Static Data

  • Overview of DataSet APIs in Flink
  • Various DataSet Transformations in Flink
  • Different Data Sources - File based, Collection based, Generic
  • Responsibility of Data Sink in Flink DataSet APIs
  • Iteration Operators in DataSet APIs
  • Operating on Data Objects in Functions - Object Reuse Disabled/Enabled


Play with Flink Table APIs and SQL Beta

  • Registering Tables in Flink
  • Table Access and various Table API operators in Flink
  • SQL on batch tables and Streaming Tables
  • Writing Flink Tables to external sinks

Apache Flink Libraries

  • Overview of Flink Libraries
  • Flink CEP - Complex Event Processing library
  • Apache Flink Machine Learning library
  • Apache Flink Gelly -Graph processing API and Library

Flink Integration with other Big data tools

  • Integrate Flink with Hadoop
  • Process existing HDFS data with Flink
  • Yarn and Flink integration
  • Flink Data Streaming with Kafka
  • Consume data in real time from Kafka

Programming in Flink

  • Parallel Data Flow in Flink
  • Develop complex Streaming applications in Flink
  • Handle Batch processing in Flink using DataSet APIs
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging Flink Programs
  • Best Practices of development in Flink
  • Real time Apache Flink Project



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Apache Flink Training In Pune

The online training on Apache Flink will provide theoretical and hands-on practical skills on Apache Flink to make you industry ready for executing batch and stream processing programs. It will cover concepts like Introduction to Apache Flink for Spark Developer, Apache Flink features, Flink architecture and installation on single node and cluster, Flink Stack, Flink APIs and libraries, deploying Flink on YARN, Kafka and Hadoop, real-time Apache Flink use cases and Apache Flink examples along with companies using Apache Flink and many more to help you learn Apache Flink concepts from basic to advanced level covering the latest version of Apache Flink certifications.
Learn Apache Flink and become Flink expert by learning core techniques, best practices and hands-on working knowledge of Flink along with its eco-system like Batch and Streaming APIs, Table-APIs, Flink-ML, Gelly through Apache Flink Tutorial. For extensive hands-on practicals, the training is associated with multiple workshops with each and every topic. The online Flink training course also covers real-life Apache Flink use cases, multiple Flink POCs with live data and a live Apache Flink project, to make you understand Fast Big Data: Apache Flink vs Apache Spark for Streaming Data.

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