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angularjs course in pune

   AngularJS Training In Pune

Taking into consideration the growing demand of creating dynamic web sites and web applications that are responsive and easy to test,ETLhive comes up with an effectively organised and structured AngularJS Training In Pune which is highly beneficial for the Web Designers/Developers.The knowledge provided by the ETLhive professionals enables the Web Developers to transform the traditional HTML into dynamic user interfaces. Not limited to this aspect of the AngularJS framework, the course also imparts learning on how to create, maintain, and test the Client-side Code effectively. AngularJS with its increasing popularity and easy to use directives has become an important declarative programming schema, which the trainees must learn to become successful Client-Side Application Developers. The training provided at the ETLhive ensures this success by focussing on the advanced concepts of Angular JS such as DOM Event Handling, Client-Side Routing, Testing, Multi-Device Implementation, XHR Communication, MEAN Stack Development, Dependency Injection, and Angular5 Modules. The AngularJS training course at ETLhive consists the latest Angular 2 versions.

Intended Audience for AngularJS Training

The AngularJS course with Angular2 is designed for budding Web Developers, Web Designers, and for the individuals who have mastered Java Script, and wish to carve a niche for themselves in the Web developing.

Prerequisites to take up AngularJS Course 

Moderate knowledge of HTML and in-depth knowledge of Java Script will be beneficial.

AngularJS Syllabus


Angular 2

  • Introduction to Angular 2
  • Angular vs Angular 2
  • Getting Started with Angular2
  • Development Environment for Angular2
  • NodeJS, NPM, Webpack
  • Setting the IDE for Angular 2 development
  • Architecture and Concepts for Angular2
  • Loading and Starting the Angular App
  • TypeScript Primer
  • JavaScript 2015 module system
  • ES6 Import/Export
  • Classes and Interfaces
  • Arrow functions and Template strings
  • Working with types
  • Decorators

Components and Modules

  • Studying Angular Modules
  • What are Components
  • Importance of Components
  • How to Create a New Component?
  • Studying App Module and Component Declaration
  • Application Bootstrapping
  • Data projection
  • Building a Wrapper component
  • Life Cycle of Components
  • Using Custom Components
  • Creating Components with the CLI & Nesting Components
  • Component Templates & Component Styles
  • Studying Component Selector
  • Component Input Properties
  • What are Event Emitters?
  • Output Properties of Components


Angular Directives

  • Studying Angular Core Directives
  • ngIF and Output Data
  • ngIF & Else Condition
  • ngStyle and Styling Elements
  • CSS Classes & ngClass
  • Output Lists with ngFor
  • Getting the Index when using ngFor
  • How to create a Basic Attribute Directive?
  • Studying and Using Renderer
  • Hostlistener & Host Events
  • Binding to Host Properties
  • Bind to directive Properties
  • What and How of Structural Directives?
  • How to Use Dropdown Directive?



Services and Dependency Injection

  • Importance of Services
  • Services and Providers
  • Services & Dependancy Injection
  • The Injectable Decorator
  • Create a Logging Service
  • Inject Logging Service into computers
  • What is Hierarchical Injector?
  • Services for Cross-Component Communication
  • Using Services for Push Notifications


Angular Debugging

  • Debugging for Angular2
  • Rectifying Angular Error Messages
  • How to Debug Code in the Browser with Sourcemaps?
  • Angular Apps & Augury
  • Property & Event Binding
  • Binding to Custom Properties
  • Custom Property & Event Binding
  • Studying View Encapsulation
  • Local References in Templates
  • Component Life Cycle & Life Cycle Hooks
  • Project: Plan the App, Create the Components
  • How to Add Navigation Bar?
  • What is Non-Collapsable Navigation Bar?
  • What is a Recipe Model?
  • Recipe Components
  • Recipes with ngFor
  • Shopping List Components
  • Creating an Ingredient Model
  • Outputting the Shopping List
  • Event Binding & View Encapsulation
  • Navigation with Event Binding & ngIF
  • Recipe Data & Property Binding
  • Event & Property Binding
  • Adding Elements to the Shopping List


Angular 2 Data Binding

  • What is Databinding?
  • One Way Data Binding
  • String Interpolation
  • Property Binding
  • Property Binding vs String Interpolation
  • Studying Event Binding
  • Bindable Properties and Events
  • Data and Event Binding
  • Special Bindings
  • Studying Two-Way-Databinding
  • What is ng Model?
  • Two-Way-Data Binding & Forms Module
  • How to Combine Forms of Databinding
  • Templates Styles & Syntax


Angular 2 Routing

  • Angular Routing Configuration
  • Angular Routing Directive
  • Need of a Router
  • Setting up and Loading Routes
  • Router Links & Navigation
  • Navigation Paths
  • Programmatic Navigation & Relative Paths
  • Pass Parameters to Routes
  • Fetch Route Parameters
  • Studying Route Observables
  • Pass and Retrieve Query Parameters and Fragments
  • Child or Nested Routes
  • Query Parameters
  • Wildcard Routes & Redirection
  • Redirection Path Matching
  • canActivateChild & Nested Routes
  • Navigation Control with canDeactivate



Angular 2 Routing & Guards

  • Defining Guards
  • Significance of Guards
  • Angular Routing & Guards
  • Passing Static Data to a Route
  • Resolve Dynamic Data with Resolve Guard
  • Setting up Routes
  • Active Routes & Child Routes
  • Child Route Configuration
  • How to Retrieve Route Parameters?
  • Built-in Angular Observable
  • Buidling a Simple Observable
  • Building a Custom Observable



Template Driven and Reactive Approach

  • Template Driven Approach
  • Create Form and Register Controls
  • Submit & Use the Form
  • How to Access Form with @ViewChild?
  • Adding Validation to Check User Input
  • HTML5 Validation & Built-in Validators
  • Validation Error Messages
  • ngModel Property Binding
  • ngModel & Two-Way-Binding
  • Form Controls & Radio Buttons
  • Reactive Approach
  • How to Create a Form in Code
  • Submit the Form
  • Adding Validation
  • Form in Code
  • Arrays of Form Controls
  • Custom Validator & Async Validator



Pipes and HTTP Requests

  • Use of Pipes
  • Transforming Output with Pipes
  • Parametrizing Pipes
  • Multiple Pipes and Custom Pipes
  • Pipes: Filter, Pure, Impure
  • Making HTTP Requests
  • RxJS and Observables
  • Handling http Responses
  • Error Handling
  • How Http Requests Work in SPAs?
  • Request Headers
  • GET Requests & PUT Request
  • async Pipe and http Request
  • Firebase as a Dummy Backend
  • Angular Apps
  • Authentication & Route Protection
  • Single-Page Applications & Authentication
  • Firebase SDK




AngularJS Course Features

   Certification preparation.

   Interview preparation

   Placement assistance

   Ability to attend missed sessions

    Complete documentation

   Resume preparation


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Angular5 Training Institute in Pune

ETLhive has been consistently considered the best AngularJS Training Institute in Pune. The AngularJS Course is a complete learning module on Web Development and Web Designing, with the latest Angular 5 course update. This course is ideal for web developing enthusiasts who want to learn about ways to create the most effective and responsive websites. The AngularJS training is complete hands-on with live projects on DOM Event Handling, Client-Side Routing, Testing, Multi-Device Implementation, XHR Communication, MEAN Stack Development, Dependency Injection and Angular 5 Routing & Modules.

As a matter of fact, AngularJS is gaining popularity and it is emerging as the master framework. It is considered even better than other frameworks such as jquery, knockout, and note. Secondly, since the world is engrossed in developing websites for every endeavour, there is an ever rising demand for AngularJS professionals. Therefore, ETLhive provides the most competent and advanced AngularJS training in Pune, upgraded with Angular 5 versions. The training sessions at ETLhive are a perfect blend of theory and practical. Lab sessions include working on Live Projects, Use-cases, and Industry-based scenarios. Live Project is followed by an elaborate Interview preparation round during which the trainer introduces you to the industry expectations, and to how the technology is put to use in the industry. Contextually, we provide certain best practices which the candidates find extremely useful in their professional journey. These features of the course at ETLhive when put together create the Best AngularJS Course in Pune and across the country. To enroll for this course, you may walk into any one of our branches, the chief branches being at Pimple Saudagar, Nal Stop, and Kharadi. Get the most advanced training in AngularJS from the most reputed and the best AngularJS training institute in Pune – ETLHIVE!

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