• Spark & Scala training in pune
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    Spark & Scala Training in Pune is provided by one of the best software training institutes in Pune, EtlHive. What is Spark & Scala? Apache Spark is a cluster computing framework, which is developed as an open source. It works in contrast to the Hadoop, in certain aspects. Spark is considered and interested for learning by the aspirants, who want to learn and work on machine learning algorithms. And the following question is what Scala …

  • Data Science Training in pune
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    What is Data Science? Data Science is a new interesting software technology, which is used to apply critical analysis, provide the ability to develop sophisticated models, for massive data sets and drive the business insights. Data Science utilizes the potential and scope of Hadoop, R programming, and machine learning implementation, by making use of Mahout. Data Science training pune and Data Analytics training pune we have Data Interpretation for Business Intelligence.     Interesting Facts …

  • Advance Excel Training in Pune
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    Course Abstract Etlhive is an industry aligned Bigdata Analytics Corporate training Company in Pune. We have an Expert Trainers for Advance Excel Training Pune. This course has been designed by team of our experts intending to make Advanced Excel tools accessible to developers in a comprehensive manner. Initial lectures would get a developer acquainted towards workbook and worksheet templates as well as Make spreadsheets more efficient and less risky and associated concepts continued by core-functional …